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NLR has been working in Mozambique since 1996 and in Nampula and Niassa Provinces. The program is coordinated and supported from Maputo through the East Africa Regional Director and an administrative and finance manager. At national, provincial and district level, NLR provides technical support to the Central Leprosy Program of the government of Mozambique. Besides, NLR conducts training courses and provides on the job training to both primary health care staff as well as community volunteers. One of the strengths of the program has been the establishment of and support to more than 143 self-​care groups. NLR has also developed manuals on leprosy which are currently used as background information by teachers within institutes of higher education.

Photography: Claire Stout

Zambezia project

In April 2015 NLR started, in partnership with Lepra, an innovative project in Zambezia province. This project uses a combined approach to support people affected by leprosy and Lymphatic Fylariasis (LF). Zambezia has a relative high leprosy case. In 2015 412 new cases were found there. LF is considered as a serious public health problem in Mozambique. Through the project in Zambezia, NLR is in the process to identify new cases of LF. NLR is making good use of Lepra’s expertise on the combined approach, direct delivery of disability services, hydrocele surgeries, social mobilization and capacity building of health staff.


In 2015 more than 95.420 received awareness raising about leprosy in the 3 provinces Nampula, Niassa and Zambezia. Besides, 433 people were supported with orthopedic footwear and other assistive devices through the self-​care groups. In 2015 NLR supported the provincial government to carry out 107 hydrocele surgeries for people affected by LF. NLR Mozambique cooperates closely with 2 Disabled People’s Organizations ADEMO and AJODEMO to support persons affected by leprosy and LF.

Photography: Claire Stout



Project description

Leprosy Disease Control Programs NLR financially supports the National Program for Control of Leprosy of the Ministry of Health, especially in the provincial departments of health in the provinces Nampula, Niassa and Zambezia. In each of the provinces NLR is present in three – five districts selected by government authorities according to predefined criteria. The staff performing the activities at district level, are government staff.
Leprosy Disability Rehabilitation Programs NLR works with the community through inclusive self-​care groups, where people with general disabilities join people affected by leprosy. Through these groups and with the support of specialized personnel in physiotherapy, NLR selects individual persons who need additional support such as orthopedic devices and physiotherapy. In some groups NLR finances self-​supporting activities for those affected and their families.
Integrated Leprosy and Lymphatic Filariasis Project Since April 2015 NLR is piloting a combined approach of leprosy and Lymphatic Fylariasis (LF) in Zambezia Province. The project is funded by Lepra but is being implemented by NLR. The project will serve as a basis for the application of the approach in other provinces of Mozambique in 2016.
NLR provides training to surgery technicians to ensure that they will be able to carry out hydrocele surgeries. Disables People’s Organizations (DPOs) have been an important partner of NLR implementing this project carrying out awareness raising in schools and mapping the needs of persons with disabilities in the project area.
Disability and Poverty NLR finances self-​help groups dedicated to agriculture, animal husbandry of small species and micro-​credit activities. This activity is carried out by inclusive self-​care groups who are motivated to get involved in other activities than self-​care only.


Office information

Country Director:

Lithos Raimundo

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Contact information:

Bairro da Coop Avenida
Vladimir Lenine-​entre
PH 6 e 7 (Junto ao BCI)
Cell: +258843148691
Phone: +25821415061
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Visit the website of the regional office for more information: http://​nlr​moz​.org/

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