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Project Stoptransmission2

Stop the Transmission of Leprosy!

The dream of the NLR is to stop the transmission of leprosy, preventing the disease from damaging more lives due to disabilities and social exclusion. Every year, more than 200,000 new leprosy patients are found worldwide. Millions of people have been cured in the last decades, but effective preventive treatment had been impossible until now.

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Meet Shivshankar

Fresh start for Shivshankar

The Netherlands Leprosy Relief gave him a helping hand to start a mobile shop. He offered his merchandise from his fully loaded tricycle. Now, a year later, he has a successful street shop in a busy street in the city from which he serves spicy tea and sells all kinds of cakes and sweets. He is very happy that he can rebuild a future at the heart of society.

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Meet jacob

I am Deeply ashamed’

I was only a little boy of thirteen. I got skin sores on my arms. My skin was red. ‘Auntie, my arms look funny,’ I said. She was shocked. We went to hospital on a different island. The doctor examined me and gave me medication, but that didn’t work. Why didn’t the sores go away? What was I supposed to do? I went from bad to worse. I felt so alone.

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Subi and family after treatment India

Subi stopped talking

Subi (7) from India was a major chatterbox. ‘She joked with the neighbor and sang songs with the owner of the vegetable stall on the corner of the street. She always knew exactly what was happening in the neighborhood. My daughter was anything but shy.’ Until one day she heard she had leprosy.

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Michelle in her house Brazil

A better life for Michelle

I was in the prime of my life. Every night after work I was out in the neighborhood. My husband was proud to have me as his wife. He was joking about it and told me that I was Brazil’s most beautiful woman. Until the moment I got leprosy. My husband left me and I was being chased out of the street. This is not the life I want.’

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INNI: Impact of self-​care groups

In India, Nepal and Indonesia we carried out research on the effectiveness of self-​care groups in reducing stigma and increasing the care of wounds. We also carried out a comparison of people who were members and those who were not members of such groups. We followed the participants for 2 years.

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The ‘Skinapp’ is a smartphone app to support peripheral health workers in diagnosing and treating common, NTD and HIV related skin diseases. Skin diseases are highly prevalent while the availability of dermatologists is limited: 10 dermatologists on a population of 27 million people in Mozambique.

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Direct contacts of leprosy patients have a greater risk than others of developing the disease. To identify infected people more quickly, we examine family members, neighbours and friends for symptoms. A pioneering new method now allows us to treat leprosy on a preventative basis.

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NTD Morbidity & Disability (NMD) Toolkit

Leprosy is just one in the category of over 17 neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), which comprises an extremely diverse group of chronic infections that mainly affect the poorest population groups. Estimates say that more than a billion people around the world suffer from one or more NTDs, which can result in bodily complications, long-​term disabilities and social exclusion.

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