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Prevention of disabilities

Leprosy is a serious disabling disease. Impairments are often a strong contributor to activity limitations, stigma and exclusion. Life-​long impairments require self-​management and life-​style changes to deal with their consequences and to prevent the impairments of getting worse.

Self-​care groups help to support self-​management at home. Meeting peers and sharing experiences and knowledge helps to reduce stigma and contributes to improving the living conditions of people affected by leprosy. Knowing how to take care of wounds with simple self-​care prevents impairments of getting worse and gives people a sense of being able to control their own life.

Further facilitation of integrated health services for wound care, septic and reconstructive surgery and access to appliances and protective devices stimulates further inclusion of people affected by leprosy or other neglected tropical diseases.

Through vocational training people can generate income and improve their livelihood. Supplies and protective devices that are not available under health insurance then come into reach.

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Photography: Jan Joseph Stok

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